I am William, An Artist, A Composer

This is my personal portfolio. Take a look around and
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a Christian

Though I may not always show it, my Faith takes Top Priority in my heart.

a Lover

Family, Friends, and the like. I never was much for fighting. IRL that is.

an Artist

Of course I'm an artist. Otherwise this would be a rather boring website.

a Gamer

I work extremely hard at my craft. But I try to play at least half as hard.

About lil' ol Me Aka'Magosh!

From a clan east of the ancient Great Divide, I was born to conquer, bred to fight, and led to destroy all who oppose me. I was brought up by a pack of strong willed tribesmen steeped in gladiator games. Unfortunately for them I didn't follow. Shunned by my clan, I set out for my own adventures! With supreme guidance from the only true elder and Lord on high!
The King, the Nazarene.

Through my years I honed my craft until I became more than a mere jack of all crafts; but a lone seer and master of the arts. Hourly, daily, monthly, yearly I continue to keep my ear to the ground and heed the whispers of the Ancient. Ever advancing my skills with the rapidly evolving lands. For my foes do not sleep, nor shall I.

- Cheers Friends

Work Hard. Play Harder. In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

All joking aside, I work hard, and as the saying goes - I play hard. Being in a game design field I tend to play a lot of games. What type of gamer am I? What am I in it for? Well I am by far NOT a PvP'r. I play for the lore first and foremost. Second only to collecting.

The bulk of my time is spent in the Adventure Games but I do play plenty of others. These are the toons and games that I regularly adventure through. All of which you are more than welcome to befriend me within. I am Gripwik!

Skills & XP Does Not Include My Semi-impressive Street Skills.

These are just some of the skills that I utilize on a weekly basis. No, they're not things that I briefly used and now aimlessly claim on my resume to sound better. These are skill-sets that I've acquired that have furthered my career capabilities. By no stretch do I feel I am the top Tier in my respective genre(s). This merely to explain my capabilities and what I can do for you.

31 yrs 2d Art Design
6 yrs 3d Modeling
15 yrs Graphic Design
18 yrs Musical Composition
9 yrs Website Design
7 yrs Video Production

In addition to my Design and Technical Exprience I have cultivated years of development as an Art Director for Galvanize Labs as well as Project Coordinator & Creative Director for Best Buy's Geek Squad Academy. I am incredibly enthusiastic about learning as well as teaching my artists all that I have learned. In fact, my favorite part of this genre is the ability to work in a team environment. You can garner so many creative ideas when you run with a horde of artists.

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Stuff I Can Do For You "Starting at" means, if its a big project it might cost more.


starting @ $79
  • Item Sketches x3
  • Revisions x2
  • Revised Version(s)
  • Optional Color Mockup
  • Final Render(s)


starting @ $129
  • Initial Concepts x6
  • Vector Creation
  • 3d Model Creation
  • Adjustments x3
  • Final Native File(s)


starting @ $599
  • Layout Concept
  • Revisions x3
  • HTML Layout
  • CSS Design
  • Responsive Coding


Contact for Quote
  • Game Textures
  • 3d Models
  • Print Media
  • Video Production
  • Audio Composition

Would love to hear from you! Can't promise I will get back with you within 24 hours, Unless you have bunches of money.

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